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General introduction:

The city of Musashino is a residential city located in one of the peripherals of the capital, Tokyo. It is 20 kilometers distant from the center. Musashino is blessed with sorts of fames and good reputated area as resided by rather rich and upper classed people. Musashino has proudly well organized and decent environments to live, safe and even quiet area, lots of greens, good water, many parks, abundant facilities for its citizens’ life pleasure like as sports, hobbies, circle meetings and activities, even parties.

Citizens have easy access to downtown or business centers by trains and busses traffic service within 20 minutes. Five universities and three department store complexes are also located and offer active features by students and other younger generation.

The main area of Musashino is Kitchijo-ji is one of the most famous towns of young stars in Big Tokyo. It is called Joji-Town as its nick name.

Some aspects of Musashino from statiscal information
  1 How big in area it is : 10.73 km2 ,rather small area throughout districts in Tokyo
  2 How many live: 131,000 people, higher lank of density in population inside Tokyo
  3 How many medical institutions they have: 200 hospitals and clinics, and 150 dentist clinics
  4 How many physicians they have: 1 for 248 people
  5 How many cars they are using:: 1 for every 2.8 families
  6 How much they make trash and garbage: 148tons/day
  7 How many people get on and off trains: 609,000people through 3 JR stations.
  8 How many public parks they have: 120
  9 How like it is hot or cold through the year: average temperature 15.1 degree Celsius
10 How many foreigners are living: 2,328 people with 4 Romanian people registered

History and its development:

Since latter half of 17 century Musashino started as 4 settlements, and in 1884, right after Meiji Revolution it was recognized by Meigi National government as Musashino Village. Then due to the population increase of the village, it developed into rural city in Tokyo around the early time in 1900’s.


The City of Musashino was born in 1947, right after the World War II. Thereafter, Musashino enjoyed its high rising development in population, shops, and industries rushing in like department stores, foods and fashion retailers, and stock, bonds, and financial industries. The changes around Kichijo-ji area were particularly dramatic. Currently, over 600,000 people use 3 stations in the city everyday. The city is now boasting annual sales figures going beyond 500 billion yen. People are in full of renovated shops and life styles they always present them with lots of information and cutting ed

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