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To start the history of relationship between Brasov and Musashino-city, we shall go back to November 1991, just two years after the Revolution in 1989.
Mr. Daisuke Soga -Conductor of Georgyu-Dima Philharmonic Orchestra in Brasov, who was once a citizen of Musashino-city, met Mr. M. Tsuchiya-Mayor of Musashino –City to ask him to invite his orchestra to Japan. Mayor Tsuchiya asked Mr. Soga ”How many orchestra members do you have?“ Mr. Soga replied that he had in total 60 members. In those days, as it costed about US$5,000.00 per person for return ticket between Bucharest and Tokyo, 60 members meant US$300,000. only for air-ticket.

As Mayor Tsuchiya wanted to grant Mr. Soga’s request, he talked with other mayors of his surrounding cities for cooperation and also had a tough negotiation with Japanese government for subsidy.
And at last, Sept.1992 –about 10 months after the meeting between Messers. Tsuchiya and Soga-all of the orchestra members came to Japan and successfully had a concert. About 4,000 citizens of 4 cities including Musashino-city-enjoyed the concert. This is the beginning of the relations of two cities between Brasov and Musashino-city.

Founded in 1998, our center have promoted cultural awareness of Japan (particular Musashino City) through broad introduction of various aspects of Japanese life, including language, and both present-day and traditional culture..

Japan Musashino Association- would like to be a bridge to further advance and deepen this friendly relations between Brasov and Musahino-city.
Mayor Tsuchiya and the delegation of about 30 Musashino-city citizen visited Brasov and presented Japanese culture such as Bon-dance, calligraphy, flower-arrangement and so on.
Brasov Mayor Adrian Moruzi visited Musashino-city and asked Mayor Tsuchiya to open Japanese language class in Brasov.
Musashino-city invited a young girls chorus group of Brasov to Japan to have a concert in 7 cities.
Based on Mayor Moruzi’s request, Musashino-city first sent two Japanese language instructors to Brasov for three months in summer. This intensive summer class lasted for three years.
Mayor Tsuchiya again visited Brasov to see Japanese language class.
Transilvania Viltuoozo Chamber Orchestra came to Japan to have concerts.
Musashino-city invited three Brasov citizens, who had studied Japanese language at Japanese class, to Japan. This internship program still last up until today. Presently Musashino Brasov Citizens Committee - Non-profit organization in Musashino-city- takes care of this program.
Musashino Citizen Philharmonic Orchestra visited Brasov and had a joint concert with Georgyu Dima Philharmonic Orchestra.
Brasov Mayor Ioan Ghise visited Musashino-city and signed Basic Agreement for establishing the Cultural Exchange Center in Brasov.

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